2 years in 80 days

13 January 2010

time to be back....

...or not? will decide in few days.

24 February 2009

10 February 2009

03 February 2009

back - and not going anywhere

"If you feel it do it,
You don't need a reason
For all you know it could be good for you

To show your feelings
Don't just leave them
Do the things you believe in, it's alright
Don't worry turn around, I will still be here

I'm not moving...no really
You just try and push me out
No, I'm not moving...no really
No, I'm not going anywhere tonight

If you think it, say it
'Cos no-one will stop you
Don't keep quiet, just 'cos you think you ought to
Feel free to shout it loud, speak your mind, spit it out

'Cos I'm not moving...no really
You just try and push me out
No I'm not moving I can sit it out
No really, there's no hurry
So don't worry turn around, I will still be here

If it hurts don't do it
'Cos no-one can take you make you drink
And no-one can tell you what you think
Remember if your spirit starts to sink
Don't worry turn around, I will still be here"

22 January 2009


but will be back

13 January 2009

need some help with your tunes?

If so, THIS is the solution. Bravo, Microsoft, you managed to do it again. On a Mac...


12 January 2009

06 January 2009

myspace comment...

...I received recently. Dunno what to think about it, but maybe you'll have some ideas after visiting Yacht Rock Disko!

03 January 2009

02 January 2009

one from Psycho Phil

find my cheeky psychedelic edit here

photo of Phil'78 by Alimar

destroy ANY party

with this

31 December 2008


we is bakin'

30 December 2008

new mix!

for 2009 - let there be house!
get it here: Part 1 Part 2, it's 28 tracks, 135 minutes, 185MB, mp3@192

Moody - det.riot'67 - KDJ
Vlad Caia - Cayuga - Dirty Box
Radio Slave - What Happened? - Rekids
Jim Rivers - Mirage (Tobias. Remix) - Simple
Milton Jackson & Sei A - Glasgow Kiss - Urbantorque
Jerome Sydenham - Ebian (Samuel L Session Remix) - Ibadan
Nagano Kitchen & Jerome Sydenham - GSXR 810 (Ken Ishii Remix) - Apotek
The Sunburst Band - Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) - Z Records
Nick Chacona - Binding Spheres (Jerome Sydenham Remix) - Dogtown
Rodriguez Jr. - Squared - Boxer
Groovenauts - How We Feel - Conya
Osunlade - Momma's Groove (Jimpster's Hip Replacement Mix) - Strictly Rhythm
Ray Mang - Orchestral Manouevres - Eskimo
Telespazio - Telemetric (Arto Mwambe Guitar Down Remix) - Tiny Sticks
Mr. V - H.O.U.S.E. - Sole Channel
Wouldbenice - Hallschlag - Vidab
Runaway - She Did It For The Money - I'm A Cliche
Challenge - Thirst - K2
Dan Berkson - Easy (David Duriez Remix) - Gourmet
Ramirez - Hablando (Radio Slave's Breakdown Mix) - Hell Yeah
The Mountain People - Mountain006.2 - Mountain
Inner City - Good Love (Jay Haze Edit) - KMS
Danny Tenaglia - The Space Dance (Radio Slave's E-space Remix) - Silver Label
Zahn - Anti-Gray - Enemy
Par Grindvik - Drift 'inspirations Take I & II - Stockholm Ltd.
Florian Meindl - Aorta - Herzblut
Dan Berkson & James What feat. Robert Owens - Reflections - Poker Flat
Rodriguez Jr. - Lila - Boxer

27 December 2008

24 December 2008

19 December 2008


here, here and here. Proper music for gloomy polar light we're experiencing recently.

10 December 2008

song of the year?

also, be sure to check remix of the year here

08 December 2008

05 December 2008

will resume uploading as soon as I'm done ripping some vinyl...

13 October 2008

09 October 2008

on with popular music

One Micah P. Hinson - here, here, and here. Declan de Barra - here, here, and here. One Anathallo - here and here. more to come.